Wildlife week competition prize winners are honored by IFS officer 2022-2023

Villupuram District Collector Thiru. D. Mohan I.A.S, honours Rini Tanya E.R of Grade IX recipient of Univeral Achievers Book of Records-Young girl to solve the most unique varieties of rubik cube in record time.

Villupuram CEO honours the district level winners of National Childrens Science Congress 2023. Congratulation V. Vikas and S.S. Niranjan.

Villupuram CEO honours the district level winners of National Childrens Science congress 2022. Congratulations S. Varshini and P.shanushka.

V. Vikas of Grade VIII A student of John Dewey International CBSE Senior Secondary School, found a place in international book of records. Fastest to identify flags of all countries, recite their country name, captial , currency and continent.

Teddy Bear Day Celebration by Senior Kg 2023-2024

Sports Day Celebration 23-24

Sports Day 2019

Sports Day
14 th November

Senior kg : Rainbow day Celebration 23-24

Science Exhibition
04 th November

S.Ghuru Akash of Grade 2 – B has found a place in International Warriors Book of World Record for Fast Puzzling . S.Mithulesh of Grade 5 – A has found a place in International Warriors Book of World Record for Drawing in Pista Shell .

S. Keerthiselvan and R. Santro received a cash award. He was placed third in the district level Anna Cycle race. Congratulations Keerthiselvan and Santro

Red Day Celebration

R.Keerthi Sahana of Grade 10 participated in District Level Cycle Race 2023 , Secured 5th position and got cash award of Rupees 250.

Pongal Celebration 2022-2023


Our students E.R.Rini Tanya,S.Priyanga participated in 28th National Children’s Science Congress held at (2021-2022) won Trophy.

Online Class

Onam Celebration 23-24

Onam Celebration 2022-2023

Nutrition Week 2022

Leaf Art Activity 23-24

Lab Photos

Kids enjoying the tunnel

Kg Fancy Fete 2022-2023

Kg Fancy Dress Competition 2023-2024

KG Class Activity

Kg Activity 2022

Junior Kg: Balloon Activity 23-24

John Dewey International CBSE School Villupuram Annual Report 2019-20

Investiture Ceremony 23-24

Investiture ceremony 2022-2023

Investiture Ceremony 2019

Inter House Sports
04 th November

Independence Day Celebration 23-24

Independence Day Celebration 2022-2023

Independence Day 2019

Happy Brushing Day 2022-2023

Hand writing (English) Competition prize winners 23-24

Graduation Day Celebration 2023-2024

Graduation Day 2022-2023

Grade X & XII Toppers 2024-2025

Grade X & XII Toppers 2023-2024

Grade I Toys Day Celebration 23-24

Fit India Week 2019

Fit India Certificate

Fireless Cooking Competition 2023-2024

Fireless Cooking 2022-2023

Fancy Fete 2019

Emoji Drawing Competition 23-24

ECA Day Celebration 2022-2023

Diwali Celerbration 2023-2024

Creative writing session.Expert in creative writing Mrs Brinda.She motivated 100 students to pen poems in a duration of 11/2 hrs.Each student will publish a book of poems by January 24

Class Room Activity

Christmas Day Celebration 2022-2023

Christmas Celebration 23-24

Christmas Celebration 2019

Awareness against Drug abuse 23-24

Art and Craft Workshop 24-25